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Supplier Meeting Of Luckywool

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     In the past eight years, Luckywool has rapidly develeped to a very big company whose staves increassed from dozens to six hundred. Of course, we know clearly that every prograss of Luckywool depends on the seamless cooperation between Luckywool and all suppliers. A good supplier chain is an very important resource and keystone in the company's lasting development. Luckywool and all suppliers have reliable partnership, and they join together to win the customers and customers' trust. Sometimes, the company and its suppliers belong to different benefit group and they may have divergence on something, but their final aim is to satisfy the customer.

    There are no longer the competition between separate companies, but the competition between the supplier chain. We should use our specialties to make better products, better service, better attitude to win more customers, so that we can have more opportunities to become stronger.

    The lasting development depend on all suppliers' support. The supplier meeting give us a chance to communicate with each other and the learn from each other. Luckywool are still on its way to become more norm and more complete. Next, we plan to use ERP to make the company more regular, so the execution of ERP require all suppliers' active support.

    The success of supplier meeting makes Luckywool more helpful and supportive in its future development.

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